IAXEED the perfect solution for your next project!

Modular scalable platform for IoT/M2M, Telemetry, Fleet Management System, Payment

IAXEED is an open source technology based platform, agnostic, flexible, modular and scalable platform, which consists of a set of core services that permit to answer to different needs, and provide specific M2M / IoT solutions integrating Geo-spatial datas management with the ability to :

  • Provide existent Generic solutions immediately usable like Supply Chain Management, Smart Lightning, Cold Management, Security...
  • Design and Implement Tailor Cut platforms of service for public and private sectors in any geo-spatial applications fields.
  • Cloud data mining for the implementation of Geo-Business Intelligence and specific management Dash Boards.
  • Development of IOS and Android applications integrated in IAXEED environment for mobility solutions: delivery, data collection, mission management, traceability, remote control.
  • OdooTM open source ERP / CRM suite of solutions integrated in IAXEED ecosystem.

NTP International with its accurate technologies skills is able to accompany public and private sectors in theirs projects to audit, control, engineer, improve and develop their services and infrastructures.


Europe / Asia Pacific

François Richaume


+33 607 30 11 30

Maghreb / Africa

Mohamed Chouchane


+216 21 063 476